Which Anti-Drone Rifles Does Russia Have?

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While the sizeable arsenal of attack and surveillance drones helps Russian Armed Forces consistently make the lives of Kiev troops a living hell, an assortment of electronic countermeasures helps Russian soldiers to prevent Ukrainian militants from doing the same.These countermeasures include so-called anti-drone rifles – relatively small man-portable devices that emit signals scrambling the navigation and command signals of enemy drones, usually forcing the afflicted UAV to perform an emergency landing.These weapons essentially operate like rifles – though instead of bullets they “fire” electromagnetic pulses – and require their wielder to have a line-of-sight to the target drone.Here’s a brief list of but a few anti-drone rifles available to Russian forces.


Airat-100 is an anti-drone rifle developed by St. Petersburg-based company ZMKh.The current (third) iteration of this weapon weighs 4.5 kilograms and is capable of suppressing UAV signals at a distance of up to 1.5 kilometers.The fourth iteration of the Airat-100 rifle, which is expected to feature an improved antenna array, is expected to enter service soon.


Argus-Antidron is an anti-drone rifle developed by NPO Kaysant. Even though it looks like an anti-tank rocket launcher, this 5.1-kilogram weapon shoots electromagnetic pulses that disrupt control signals for small drones at a distance of up to one kilometer.As NPO Kaysant previously explained, Argus-Antidron is a good choice of weapon when one needs to take on recon UAVs and copter drones that are often used to drop small explosive munitions into trenches.


Garpiya (Harpy) is an anti-drone rifle that has already been used by Russian forces in the Ukrainian conflict.Not only can this rifle disrupt drone signals at a distance of up to two kilometers, publicly available data suggests that it can disrupt GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and Glonass navigation signals, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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