US Sows Chaos in Asia-Pacific, Foments Serious Problems in the Region

The American destroyer USS Ralph Johnson (right) is seen cutting across the bow of the Chinese frigate Guilin (left) in an encounter on August 19 in the South China Sea. The Chinese Ministry of National Defense released footage of the incident on October 26, calling it an “unfettered provocation” that violated several regulations governing safe encounters between ships at sea.

US State Secretary Antony Blinken’s recent visit to China came amid a rather turbulent period in US-Chinese relations as Washington seems keen to antagonize Beijing.American government officials have recently been increasingly critical of China’s economic policies allowing the Chinese economy to grow and prosper whereas the US economy has not been faring particularly well during the past few years. Blinken even deemed it fit to essentially threaten China with repercussions if the latter were to continue its mutually beneficial economic cooperation with Russia, as if Washington actually has the right to dictate other countries with whom they should do business.Bilateral relations between China and the United States are currently in the midst of a “complicated historical period where competition, pressure and cooperation exist simultaneously,” according to Wang Zhimin, director of the Institute of Globalization and China’s Modernization the University of International Business and Economics. The United States regards China as its biggest rival and thus strives to suppress and contain China’s development, Wang tells Sputnik, noting that both Democrats and Republicans in the US are essentially in agreement on the harsh stance on China despite their differences on many other matters.

“When it comes to politics, the United States is primarily a country that sows chaos and creates numerous serious problems in the Asia-Pacific region, and which influences the situation in the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea,” he remarks.

The scholar notes that in general, Sino-American relations are “difficult” and that the United States keeps exerting pressure on China “on all directions.” MilitaryChina Hopes US Will Stop Deploying Mid-Range Missiles in Asia-Pacific Region – Wang Yi10:50 GMTWang also points at a statement made recently by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who said that the United States bears responsibility for the problems in the US-Chinese relations. China sincerely hopes that the United States is capable of respecting China’s concerns and will play an active role in the development of healthy Sino-American relations, and Wang Yi mentioned that China seeks to facilitate sustainable development of the US-Chinese relations based on the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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