Ukrainian Soldier Runs Over Own Troops To Escape Russian Forces – POW

Ukrainian prisoner of war Valentin Gridnev

LUGANSK (Sputnik) – Ukraine’s military ran over a Ukrainian soldier with tracks of an armored personnel carrier vehicle during a battle in the city of Chasov Yar, Valentin Gridnev, commander of the Ukrainian armed forces’ assault unit who surrendered after the incident, told Sputnik. The Ukrainian prisoner of war said the incident occurred as Russian troops occupied the second level of a building where his unit was located, and fighters of the Kraken national battalion, who were supposed to cover his unit, withdrew from the battle. Gridnev, as the unit’s commander, requested reinforcements, but Russian troops hit them on their approach with drones, and an evacuation vehicle was called in after it happened. Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineUkraine’s Kraken Battalion Flees Chasov Yar Before Regular Units ArriveYesterday, 06:48 GMT”Everything happened so fast, after that … [an MT-LB, multi-purpose tracked armored fighting vehicle] peeled out, first backward, began to turn around. I did not see it, but a guy was said to have wanted to run around it. And he was run over with … [the MT-LB]. Another guy, who was to be evacuated, he was also carried with open fractures, he gripped hold of some rail [of the evacuation vehicle], and no one pulled him in, and … [the MT-LB] quickly peeled out, I do not know what happened to him next,” the prisoner of war said.Gridnev added that the MT-LB was radioed to have been carrying severely wounded soldiers and a lot of killed troops. He then realized that nobody was going to evacuate them, and the unit decided to surrender.The Ukrainian prisoner of war told Sputnik earlier that Kraken’s fighters were deployed on the second line in Chasov Yar and fled from their positions before regular units of the Ukrainian armed forces arrived. He added that Kraken militants left their positions after Russian troops took control of a couple of buildings.


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