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Turkiye Expects West’s ‘Attack’ Following Suspension of Trade With Israel – Erdogan

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ANKARA (Sputnik) – Ankara is well aware of the fact that the West will “attack” Turkiye following its decision to completely suspend trade with Israel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.On Thursday, the Turkish Trade Ministry confirmed that the country had fully suspended trading with Israel and that the decision would be in force until uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip is ensured. Earlier on Friday, Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat said that the restrictive measures would only be lifted after a ceasefire in Gaza. WorldTurkiye Suspends All Trade With Israel – Reports2 May, 17:56 GMT”We know perfectly well how the West will attack us in connection with this decision [to suspend trade with Israel],” Erdogan said while visiting the Turkish Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association. Ankara will “hold itself upright,” knowing that one can only move forward by helping the suppressed, the Turkish leader added. Erdogan voiced hope that Turkiye will set an example for other countries displeased with the status quo.


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