The Adopted Son

Zelensky asks for more money

On Monday, just as his legal authority in Ukraine came to an end, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pressed his Western benefactors to send him more weapons at a quicker pace and to get more directly involved in Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.Russia has been making significant gains on the battlefield, both in the northern Kharkov region and in the east, including the city of Chasov Yar, where fighting has been going on for months.The repeated request for aid after continual battlefield failures – remember NATO has already built two armies for Ukraine that Zelensky squandered – must have reminded US President Joe Biden of his dear son, who has continually asked him for help with his drug problem.Twitter Files 7: FBI Influenced Twitter Executives to Discredit, Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story20 December 2022, 00:53 GMTEmails included in the laptop Hunter Biden left behind at a computer repair shop revealed emails and texts of the younger Biden asking his father for money to enter drug rehabilitation facilities. Videos on that same laptop also showed the future first son smoking what appears to be crack cocaine while nude in an isolation tank at a drug rehabilitation facility.Then again, repeated failure is not something that seems to bother the Biden family.


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