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Russia May Build Weapons to Defeat NATO Vehicles After Seizing Ukraine’s IFVs

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As NATO continues to stock the Kiev regime with billions-worth of sophisticated weapons, Russia’s Armed Forces have seized everything from German Leopard 2 tanks to Marder IFVs and similar armored combat vehicles from the US, France and other donor countries, ready to showcase the trophies in Moscow.Sophisticated NATO equipment captured from Ukraine could help Russia create new weapons systems “tailored to combat Western vehicles,” Defense TV reported.As Ukraine’s forces expend their reserves and Western-supplied equipment in futile attacks, the weaponry ultimately ends up in Russia’s possession, lamented the website.After taking apart and studying the trophies, Russian engineers will be able to find the weaknesses of NATO armored vehicles, it claimed.

“Studying NATO vehicles such as the Marder 1 A3, Bradley M2A2 and Swedish CV 9040 will allow Russian engineers to become familiar with advanced Western military technologies and design principles," defense tv stated. "This knowledge could significantly influence Russian military strategy and development. Identifying weaknesses in these weapons’ armor, sensors and electronic systems of these vehicles could lead to the development of countermeasures to enhance survivability of Russian armored vehicles against similar threats.”

By capturing the equipment, Russia “has the opportunity to enhance its future armed vehicle programs with advanced features and design concepts from western IFV,” the report said.That could “lead to improvements in crew protection, mobility, firepower, and situational awareness in upcoming Russian designs.”Earlier in April, Russian forces captured their first German-made Marder IFV as a trophy near Avdeyevka. Ukrainian troops had panicked during an unsuccessful counterattack and retreated, abandoning the machine, the Russian Defence Ministry reported. Once the IFV was evacuated from the contact line, Russian engineers began to study it and identify its vulnerabilities.The capture of the Marder, which was seized in nearly perfect condition with all of its parts intact, would allow “a study of its propulsion system, armour composition, and internal configuration could deepen Russia’s understanding of Western armored vehicle design principles,” warned the US military-linked website.© Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov / Go to the mediabankTrophy German Leopard 2 tanks and Marder IFVs as well as Ukrainian T-72s and BTR-80s have been brought to Moscow’s Poklonnaya Hill for an exhibition.Trophy German Leopard 2 tanks and Marder IFVs as well as Ukrainian T-72s and BTR-80s have been brought to Moscow’s Poklonnaya Hill for an exhibition. / Go to the mediabankEarlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that an exhibition of weapons and equipment captured by Russian military personnel during the special military operation will be opened on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow on May 1, continuing for one month.More than 30 samples of military equipment produced in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Finland, Australia, Austria and Ukraine will be presented there.MilitaryCaptured Ukrainian Leopard and T-72 Tanks, Marder IFV on Display in Moscow28 April, 10:38 GMT


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