Protesting French Farmers Lift Blockade after Government Announced New Measures

Farmers block with their tractors the A4 highway near Jossigny, east of Paris, amid nationwide protests called by several farmers unions on pay, tax and regulations.

Chimauchem Nwosu European farmers have found themselves in an extremely unfriendly environment with canceled diesel fuel subsidies, an influx of cheap grain from Ukraine, and new regulations that have seriously limited their space for maneuver. Protesting French farmers are gradually ending their blockade around Paris and nationwide following the government’s announcement of over €400 million in measures to address their concerns about low earnings, strict regulations, and unfair competition from abroad, AP News reports.Tractor convoys started leaving the sites as the farmers dismantled tents and cleared barricades under police supervision.WorldFrench Farmers Stage Protest Blocking Roads to Paris29 January, 14:47 GMTArnaud Rousseau, president of the largest farmers union, FNSEA, spoke to a local news outlet and expressed a willingness to engage with the government’s proposals, stating “we now want to work” and take “concrete” steps in the coming weeks.Regardless, he warned that the union would closely monitor the government’s actions and indicated a readiness to protest again, particularly as the country prepares for the Paris Olympics this summer.In response to earlier unsuccessful attempts to appease the demonstrating farmers, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal unveiled some new measures on Thursday. The package includes substantial financial aid, tax breaks, and a commitment not to ban certain pesticides in France.Attal specified financial support, including €150 million in aid for livestock farmers, decreased taxes on farm transfers between generations, and €80 million in emergency assistance for struggling wine producers. Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau spoke after Attal declared a €2 billion loan package for new farmers.WorldFarmers Setting Protest Fires in Brussels to Demand Measures From EU Leaders1 February, 13:32 GMTEarlier, veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier explained Sputnik that farmer protests were rooted in the EU’s decision to bandwagon US’ anti-Russian policy and consequent sky-rocketing prices.


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