NATO Secretly Sets Two Red Lines to Meddle in Ukraine Conflict – Report

NATO soldiers. File photo

Oleg BurunovRussia has repeatedly stressed that NATO is already directly involved in the Ukraine conflict given the alliance’s ongoing arms supplies and training of the Ukrainian military – something that Moscow warns will only lead to the prolongation of the standoff. NATO has “established at least two red lines, beyond which there could be the alliance’s direct intervention in the conflict in Ukraine,” Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper reported on Sunday, citing a “very confidential” unofficial communique.The lines are reportedly seen by NATO as “last resorts” amid its concerns over the looming “collapse” of Ukraine against the backdrop of Russia’s ongoing offensive in several areas at the front line.The first red line purportedly pertains to alleged “direct or indirect interference of a third country” – such as Belarus – in the Ukraine conflict, a scenario that also stipulates the Russian Army breaking through the Ukrainian military’s defensive lines near the Ukraine-Belarus border.The second red line is supposedly related to a possible “military provocation” against Poland or the Baltic countries or military actions against Moldova.If either of these two red lines are crossed, NATO will ostensibly activate about 100,000 troops stationed in Hungary, Poland, the Baltic states, Romania and Slovakia.

On the other hand, NATO currently "does not have any operational plans" for sending a military contingent to Ukraine as the alliance is dealing with "assessments of its possible actions in emergency situations," according to La Repubblica.

MilitaryWhich Western Countries Are Mired in Ukraine Proxy Conflict?4 April, 17:16 GMTRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov earlier stressed that the US and NATO are already directly involved in the Ukraine conflict because they not only deliver weapons to the Kiev regime but also train Ukrainian military personnel in the UK, Germany, and Italy.Western countries have provided military and financial support to the Zelensky regime in Kiev since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation. The Kremlin has consistently warned against continued arms deliveries to Kiev, saying that it would lead to further escalation of the Ukraine conflict.


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