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‘Fearmongering About Russia Baseless’, as NATO Blocks European De-Escalation

A Romanian serviceman furls the NATO flag. File photo

In a revealing interview with Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a candid view on the current geopolitical landscape, highlighting NATO’s confrontational posture towards Russia, the perceived threat of Russia and China by the West, and his vision for a multipolar world order.London-based foreign affairs analyst Adriel Kasonta, echoing Putin’s thoughts, criticized NATO’s existence as a Cold War relic serving American interests, aimed at preventing closer Europe-Russia ties.Kasonta dismissed Western fears of a Russian attack on NATO as baseless, arguing that such fears are propagated to justify military spending and support the US military-industrial complex. “NATO is the relic of the past that serves as a useful tool to keep this environment of threat of imagined possibility of the conflict and serves as a tool to put a pressure on Europeans not to conduct their own foreign policy,” stated Kasonta.He pointed to the economic incentives behind portraying Russia and now China as boogeymen, suggesting that these narratives are designed to keep European countries aligned with US policy objectives rather than their own.Kasonta also dismissed the idea of China dominating the BRICS group, emphasizing trust and cooperation among nations in building a multipolar world where every country ‘has an equal say‘.RussiaPutin’s Interview to Tucker Carlson: Full Video and TextYesterday, 05:03 GMTKasonta supported Putin’s assessment, highlighting the mutual respect and common goals shared by Russia and China in opposing a unipolar world dominated by the US. He criticized the US’s inability to adapt to the shifting global power dynamics, insisting on a world order where nations are not servants of the hegemonic power.”President Vladimir Putin with the Chinese leader XI Jinping both… want to build a multipolar world, where their respective national interests are respected by other players. And also they are aiming to create a world order where weaker nations or smaller nations have also something to say rather than to be submissive and subservient towards one country,” said Kasonta.AnalysisTucker-Putin ‘History Lesson’ was ‘Necessary’ to Show Americans Russian-US Friendship was Possible00:02 GMT


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