Bundestag Says Passed 2024 Budget With Cutbacks in Subsidies for Farmers

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BERLIN (Sputnik) – The German parliament, Bundestag, said on Friday it had passed in the final vote the 2024 budget which envisages cutbacks in subsidies for farmers.”On Friday, February 2, 2024, the Bundestag lawmakers passed in the second debate the federal government’s budget for the fiscal year 2024 in the edition recommended by the budget committee,” the Bundestag said in a statement, adding that the final edition of the bill envisages cutbacks in subsidies for farmers. The budget was approved by a majority of votes of Germany’s ruling parties, namely the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens, known as the “traffic light” coalition, the statement read. WorldAfD MP Explains Why German Farmers are Up in Arms Against Scholz Government15 January, 19:38 GMTGermany is expected to spend 476.81 billion euros in total ($515.2 billion), 175.6 billion of which have been budgeted for the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, according to the statement. The defense budget amounts to 52 billion euros, the statement read. The budget will be further considered in the German legislative body Bundesrat on March 22, according to the statement. On January 18, the Bundestag budget committee approved the budget bill following a minor protraction caused by the legal proceedings over the “traffic light” coalition’s move to transfer unused pandemic-era loans to the climate fund would violate the debt brake rule.

In December 2023, the German government announced plans to scrap diesel subsidies for farmers amid the budget crisis, which would bring 440 million euros ($476 million) to the federal budget. The government also planned to end tax breaks on vehicles for forestry and agriculture, gaining an additional 480 million euros. The announcement triggered multiple farmer protests throughout the entire country.


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