Biden’s Pet Shop of Horrors

Biden advance team is toxic

The network of aides and volunteers responsible for coordinating US President Joe Biden’s campaign events and speeches nationwide, called the advance team, is facing accusations of fostering a toxic work environment, including verbal harassment, US media reported on Monday.The complaints reportedly became so commonplace that the White House Counsel’s Office opened an investigation into the matter. Two high-ranking members of the advance team, associate director of presidential advance Ian Mellul and Brie Moore, the director of press advance, recently resigned. According to the report, Mellul recently completed management training and was given an executive coach, but the complaints about him continued.The report claims, citing two witnesses, that Mellul told staffers he would “ruin your life” when they made mistakes and regularly belittled junior staffers.However, things could have been worse for the advance team. Commander, the Biden family dog, was recently sent to live in Delaware after he bit Secret Service agents and White House staff no less than two dozen times. Like Mellul, the Bidens attempted to fix Commander’s behavior by sending him to obedience school and getting the dog a training coach, but the abuse of staff by Biden’s pets seems to be a recurring theme.AmericasCommander Bites-A-Lot23 February, 04:05 GMT


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